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Hemp's potential in the

Plan-it Hemp is committed to promoting Eco-Friendly building materials.

We recognize there is no one size fits all, and change, meaningful change, and not just talk is what it will take along collective effort from finance, policy makers, farmers, processors, retailers and most importantly consumers to create the meaningful change and it will not be overnite, but the clock is ticking!

We have taken the first steps and picked a small complete house renovation as our first hemp building project to learn firsthand the challenges and benefits of a very old but lesser known building material option, Hempcrete, or hemplime.


We have and continue to gather valuable information through this projects progression. 

We intend to document after completion, a brief summary accompanies each picture for now.

Butte, MT HempCrete Project 

     Welcome to our 1st hempcrete project, please come back often.                                                                                                                                                                                              A  950sqft, 1930's home renovation with a limited crew using hemp hurd

     and lime binder.  It is a perfect example of being able to show the uses

     and benefits of building with Hempcrete.  We have reused and repurposed   

     original and incorporated natural materials as much as possible in an effort

     to lessen our impact on the local landfill and environment.                                                                                             

     We believe our project is unique, in that, our hemp crop grown and processed

     by us in 2019 has been able to be incorporated directly into this project.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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