Hemp Processing

One Planet, One Plant


Hempcrete /HempLime 



Hemp Bast Fibre



Hemp Bio fiber



Hemp fiber pulp


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Our Vision


We strive to challenge traditional ways of thinking.  Our operation has a new and innovate approach for maximizing

the value of a farmers hemp crop, using and creating new technology for super efficient processing with a commitment

to the environment to create a better future for generations to come.


We believed there was no other place to embark on our journey that has as much to offer as the great state of Montana.

americas top producing generational farmers, informed consumers and a supportive and proactive Agriculture Dept.

are all key components in Plan-it Hemps successful  launch into this new industry.

Montana has already proved to be a production leader in the reintroduction of Industrial Hemp to the USA.


Plan-it Hemp's dedication to entire plant usage and environmentally responsible growing, harvesting and processing techniques will set us apart from the rest. Our goal is to provide environmentally conscientious consumers a source

of hemp that they can have confidence in for themselves and as importantly the Planet.

There are many exciting developments on the horizon, stay tuned!